Mark Nadeau

Mark Nadeau Voice Actor for any type of voice over work.

The earlier me

It all started back in the early 80's when I was forced to grow up in a hurry. My dad passed away a week before I graduated high school. 

More to come soon 

Why I became a professional Voice Over Talent

 Back in 1979 in a small steel mill town of Sault Ste.Marie. Ontario, Canada. I was taken on a tour of a radio station and I fell in love with the mic. It took 36 years but I finally found out I can work with a mic at home as a Voice Over Talent. 

 A lodge brother said to me your voice is so awesome you should be on the radio.

 Well the sparks flew that night the old keys on the computer key board were flying out of me like a great voice over is complete and you know you hit it. I researched YouTube videos and watched days of information. I contacted a company here in Canada for training. When they gave me the price I almost fell off my seat. I said self ( and I knew it was me because I recognized my voice) call Bill Dewees he always said in his training videos that I bought to call him if I had any questions.

 Well I had a good one so I called Bill and he answered the phone as his daughter was off on Maternity leave. I got so star struck I screwed up every second word, but he understood and told me that I was correct in my thoughts. It was too much for what they offered for voice over training and you will be a professional Voice Over Actor.

 Well I found and trained with Anthony Reece. So now I am a professional Voice actor.

Today and the future as a Voice Talent

 The sky is the limit, I am constantly working on the craft. As the voice over world changes, I adapt. Who knows soon we maybe able to record our voice overs just by talking and the cloud will pick it up and edit, then send it to our customers. Until then I will be more than happy to send you a custom demo for your voice over work.